Promise Keeper

Have you ever had someone promise you something and then not come through? There is nothing more frustrating then when someone says “I will be there I promise” and then never shows up. Recently I was asked to pray at a public event. I bought a new tie, texted people to seek their advice and prayer, left early to give myself plenty of time to get starbucks and arrived nervous but excited. When I got there the place was empty! I mean no one was even in the building! I called about a dozen people before finally someone came and told me that the event had been cancelled a week before. Needless to say I was frustrated and most of you have been in a similar situation.

I was thinking about that as I read Genesis 25 this week. In Genesis 25 Abraham dies.

What struck me about these verses was that God had promised Abraham that He would live a long life and God kept His promise. Now, we would almost expect God to keep His promise to a great Patriarch like Abraham, a man of faith. But in the same exact chapter God keeps His promise to Isaac (an average joe Christian) and to Ishmael (an unbeliever.)
My point is this. God doesn’t look at His promise based on the person He is promising, He bases His promise on who He is.
So often when we break our promises we do so because we think the other person will understand, or they are not worth the effort we would go through to keep our Promise. God is exactly opposite. When He makes a promise He keeps it not because of who the person is but because of who He is, and He is a God who always keeps His word.

What do you guys think? What has God promised you?


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