Judging by the screaming in the next office I would say Lebron James just decided to return to Cleveland.

Lebron James just had to make a very difficult life changing decision for the second time in 4 years.

Many of you face difficult decisions each and every day. Like Lebron you are at a Crossroads in your life. which job? Which house? Which city? Which spouse? Which church? . These are just some of the many difficult decisions we face every day.

I can’t help you make your decision but there is some things I would like for you to remember as you make #thedecision

1. #thedecision always affects others. Lebron’s decision affected two entire cities and millions of fans as well as employees of dozens of businesses. Your decision may seem like it only affects you but if you take the time to think about it you will see that many lives are affected by your decision.

2. #thedecision always has yes men. There are people who will always agree with you no matter what. While that may seem nice it is not really beneficial.

3. #thedecision is always about present vs future. Don’t believe me look at #theletter. Dan Gilbert decided to write a angry letter four years ago and is still regretting it today.

4. #thedecision is never easy.

5. #thedecision will always make you enemies. Sometimes you just have to make a choice and go with it. You cannot please everyone.

6. #thedecision today affects the decision tomorrow

What do you guys think?



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