The glovebox

How many of you have a glovebox that is crammed full?

My glovebox is so full that it barely opens. I have a owners manual I never look at, chipotlenapkins, sporks, a map, and dozens of other things I never us.

The truth is I used the glove box as a compartment for everything I don’t need now but may use someday.

Sadly this is exactly what I also do to God.

Often we place God in a box. A box of time. We give him permission to meet with us in church on Sunday morning, or at night when we pray, or in our small group on Thursday but the rest of the time we out Him back in His glovebox.

today let me challenge you to let God out of His box!

Don’t limit God to just your daily or weekly devotion


Spend every second and speak every word in the awareness of the presence of God.

What do you guys think?
What is in your glovebox?



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