The Five Best Things You Can Do For Your Marriage


1. Talk
How can you expect anything to be resolved without clear communication? One of the first things we seem to do when we are confused or angry is stop communicating and yet communication is exactly what we need the most in those situations. You will say stupid things, you will fight, you will get angry all of those things can be fixed as long as you keep communicating. Whatever you do do not allow time to get in between your communications time can be great but when it comes to this time can kill. Adam and Eve fell when they were apart and so will you. This is why God says be ye angry and sin not

2. Be happy
Don’t put all the pressure on your spouse to make you happy! Yes you should make each other happy but true joy can only come from Jesus. Also you must figure out ways to be happy on your own otherwise you will put to much pressure on each other and no one can handle be the only reason someone lives! It is to much stress and also creepy! Find a favorite author and read their books, workout, listen to music I listen to classical music when I am alone it brings joy to my life and is something I can do when alone and this takes the pressure off my wife to walk in the door drop everything and make me smile.

3. Love
Every couple will go through hard times this is where intimacy helps. There is no price tag on the value of a simple heartfelt touch or hug. Don’t let life get in the way of your intimacy, kiss every day, hold hands, cuddle. It may seek awkward or uncomfortable at first but get in the habit of touching each other. Intimacy breaks down so many walls. One of the best nights of our marriage was a New Year’s Eve and we both had the flu and all we could do was hold hands on the couch. As strange as it sounds I still look back on this night as a great moment in our marriage it built a bond in us that no sickness could break and that bond would not have been built except for the simple act of stretching out a hand.

4. Grow
And allow each other to grow. One of the very best inspirational quotes that I have ever heard is You vs yesterday. I’m not sure who said it but I have made this quote my daily challenge at everything I do. I may not be the best husband but I want to be a better husband today than I was yesterday I may never win the dad of the year award but I do want to be a better father than I was yesterday the same goes for all areas of my life. The problem in marriage comes when I begin to demand this of my wife. We must give grace to our spouses and allow them to grow at their own speed. Comparison is a marriage killer. Comparing your spouse to someone else’s spouse or yourself will do nothing but destroy your marriage. Grow and time grace to allow each other to grow

5. make time for each other
This is going to be much more difficult than you would ever imagine. That is why you will have to MAKE time for each other. We are created by God to conquer, create, and connect but our busy schedule and fast paced lives make connecting very difficult so you will have to work very hard at doing this. Wake up early and go for a walk, rake the yard together, play a boardgame, establish a date night where you do anything besides watch tv. Work very hard at this and your marriage will blossom


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