My favorite season

What is your favorite season?

This is a question we talked about in CrossRoads our young adult group recently and it seems like a lot of people seem to be asking this question right now as we change from Summer to Fall here in Ohio.

Inevitably when seasons come around some people will talk about how much they are looking forward to a upcoming season because of the fun of the holidays or some will say how much the miss the warmth of a previous season. We talk about the warmth of Christmas, or the beaches of summer, we pine for the crisp fall football weather, or the excitement of spring.

I guess, my favorite season, however, is fall simply because it is the season I am in right now . I try as hard as I can to enjoy every season for what they are and not spend a lot of time focusing on what I wish I still had or what I can’t wait to get.

I guess the real question is not what is your favorite season?
The real question is How do you want to live your life?

Do you spend your days wishing for what is to come?

Do you spend your nights wishing for what you once had?

Let me encourage you today to appreciate whatever season of life you are in right now.

what do you guys think?

what is your favorite season


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