The Kingdom of The Cross

An open letter to Isis

Recently Isis released video and pictures of beheadings with a threat to what they call the #nationofthecross.

But Christianity is not a nation, nations rise and fall but God declares His followers to belong to a Kingdom without end.

Nations are comprised of a isolated group in an isolated place but His Kingdom has no boundaries it exists in the hearts of believers in every nation including the ones currently occupied by Isis. All around the world today millions pray to Jesus some silently, some loudly, in many different tongues, and in many different time zones we bow to Jesus.

A nation has a King who demands obedience but the Kingdom of the The Cross has a leader who simply asks us to accept His love. He does not demand that we do things to prove this love instead He simply shows us His love by reminding us all of that sacred object you included in your videos.

The Cross

The Cross is a symbol of what makes our Kingdom different than any other Kingdom

You see, no other Kingdom has a King who was stepped down from His Throne, a Lord who abandoned His home, a great who became the least, a God who poured out His heart to romance a world that is torn apart.

Our King is Jesus!

Our King is the only King who asks nothing from us but on a Cross gave us everything!

Other Kings may demand that their followers do things like force their children to kill themselves and strangers but our King killed himself for strangers like me and you!

And this is why The Kingdom of The Cross will survive any and all attempts to destroy us.

The love of Christ has helped us survive Roman emporers, the Spanish Inquisition, Other Kings and rulers and it will help us survive Isis.

We are motivated by His love, we are moved my His compassion, we do not feel we must prove our love to Him by dying we are drawn to a God who died for us.

In fact, the recent attacks that have been made by Isis have done nothing but motivate The Kingdom of The Cross to share the love of Christ even more! When we saw those pictures and videos we were moved but not in the way you anticipated. We were moved to tell even more people about Jesus. We have finally realized that our faith is not focused on petty squabbles within our Kingdom but should be wholly moved to tell everyone, yes, even Isis about our King who never asks that we kill for Him but instead died for us.



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